HBCU Politics™ Turns Two Years Old

By William A. Foster, IV

There are no personal sympathies in politics. – Margaret Thatcher


We have made it to year two. HBCU Politics, the younger sibling to HBCU Money, has been a long and hard road. It has made inroads, but we have yet to truly explore its potential. That if anything is what we hold solace in. Politics is the last line in any community’s development after its social and economic institutions. It is the institutions of politics that help protect and increase the social and economic interest of communities. However, the political environment is a complex one and the layers are deeper than the earth’s crust. Money’s influence in the sphere has only grown and many groups are slow to adapt. We hope to bring delve more into that here as a voice that not only reports politics, but explains the intricacies of it beyond just simply voting. There is no doubt that politics is a contact sport and if you do not know the rules you will definitely get hurt. HBCU Politics has a long way to go and we are just scratching the surface, but I am proud that we are here and doing our part to shape the dialogue going forward.

It is a continued honor to serve as Editor-In-Chief of HBCU Politics™ and look forward continuing to do so. There is no time to rest. Enjoy the moment. Now, let us get back to work because as our motto states “Our Politics Matters”.


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